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Design and Engineering

Our extensive project development experience help our customers evolve concepts to well engineered designs ready for fabrication and construction. We undertake Concept Developments, Pre-Engineering Definition & Interface Identification, Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) and Detailed Engineering for our customers desiring to either expand/revamp their existing assets (brown fields) or develop new assets (green fields) within their portfolio.

Instrumentation, Automation & Control

Our specialty in delivering end-to-end production automation bringing different systems and field devices into a single integrated control system typically comprising the Distributed Control System (DCS), Safeguarding or Protection System and the Fire & Gas System; provides our customers with the instrumentation and control required to operate their assets within safe limits and an overlaying process information network that empowers them to make informed decisions and robust forecasts based on real process data.


Here, we bring our project management experience to bear and leverage on our knowledge of many international standards. We specialize in the construction of petrochemical, oil and gas process facilities including pipelines, other pressure containing parts such as vessels, and seamlessly integrate with in-line and on-line equipment like heat exchangers, valves, pumps, compressors, instrumentation, etc.

We deploy one of the best construction QA/QC inspection and testing regimes based on industry standards and best practices to ensure delivery to required specification. Our commitment is one of no rejects and rework. Our expertise in this area is one further strengthened by an existing strong partnership with one of the most renowned global consortia in this area.

Marine Services

We support ship/vessel operators in their business, help them improve and measure their performance to international maritime standards and keep their waterways navigable through a number of services we provide in the maritime transport business including but not limited to: 

Port Agency Services; Mooring Services; Bunker Supply; Provision of Crafts; Marine Logistics and Chandelling Services;Marine Channel Services; Marine Consultancy.

Pipeline Integrity Services

As pipelines represent about 80-90% of the structure that typically make up process installations, we recognize the potential asset integrity risks for our clients. To help provide integrity assurance especially for high-pressure pipelines, we provide Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services through a wide range of procedures ranging from but not limited to Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT)-including Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Radioactive Testing (RT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), ect; based on the various ISO and CEN standards.

We also provide integrated solutions for turnkey catholic protection and continuous pipeline monitoring through proven and tested leak detection technologies.

Our unique experience, technologies, and innovations in the pressure equipment services, makes us the company of choice

Strategic Procurement & Warehousing

As we understand the logistical challenges experienced by most of the oil and gas installations in the Gulf of Guinea occasioned by the remoteness from technology providers, manufacturers and vendors, we have created a capacity to help our clients have quick and reliable access to whatever spare parts and materials they need to ensure sustained and interrupted operation of their production assets.

We facilitate risk-based reviews of our clients sparing philosophies to determine what are critical, required procurement lead-times and warehousing strategies; and based on the outcome of such reviews, provide further support with expedited procurement delivering directly to client's own facility or to our own local warehouse as a holding facility for the client; to ensure spare parts are available on-site when required. 

These services are provided with value for customer in mind; guarantying best quality spare parts, procurement of exact like-for-like, and related local support as may be required.

General Consultancy Services

We provide a second pair of eyes to energy establishments providing process development, implementation and assurance services in Quality Management, Process Safety Management, General HSE Management and Asset Integrity Assurance. We develop and implement these systems in accordance with relevant standards such as OHSAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISM International Safety Management Code, API Recommended Practices, etc.

We also offer technical training for operations, maintenance, projects, engineering and HSE practitioners; and provide maintenance strategy optimization and reliability improvement strategies.

Additionally, to enable organizations review and continually improve, we help our customers with process, management systems, technical and integrity audits.

Asset Life Cycle Management

As we recognize that a best-in-class project is one that looks at asset delivery from a life cycle perspective, we see value to our customers not only in good project delivery but also in delivered reliability across the entire life of the asset. We provide robust obsolescence management plans that help our clients continuously rejuvenate their asset for safe and undisrupted production. We also implement risk-based maintenance strategies and provide highly skilled resident personnel to support their execution.

Heavy Equipment Lifting & Haulage

As we understand the risks associated with heavy lifting and the importance of robust logistics to the timely on-site delivery of heavy equipment and machinery, we deploy huge mobile resources to ensure our clients’ focus on their core business and never have to worry about where their materials or supplies are and how they will get to them on schedule for timely installation or application.

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