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Joules Energy

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We are a complete solution company with unique partnerships, technologies and innovative approaches to meet various energy operators' objectives.

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We are a reliable service company in the Oil & Gas, Power and Renewable Energy sectors of the energy industry. Our activities cover the entire energy value chain; so wherever you are – upstream, midstream, or downstream; generation, transmission or distribution – Joules Energy Limited will meet your needs and offer the best value in design, engineering, construction, procurement, instrumentation, automation & control, operations, maintenance, marine and pipeline integrity services.

To help realize your objectives, we relentlessly invest in our people and have implemented robust management systems for achieving consistent and repeatable quality without comprising personnel safety or the environment. We work to earn your trust through strong HSE & SP culture and unrivaled commitment of our very resourceful team.

Because we know that each time you engage us, you give us an opportunity to journey with you for the long haul, we design and build with your entire asset lifecycle in mind, ensuring a good value-to-investment ratio from conception to decommissioning.

You can rely on us all throughout your asset lifecycle.


Tell us where you want go and we tell you the best way and how to get there; and most importantly make sure you get there…safely, within your budget and with total satisfaction.

…We sell quality in different packages…

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We support our clients for the long term through our established suite of services…Be it Design, Turn-key EPC, General Consultancy, Asset Lifecycle Management, Maintenance or helping you with your Procurement, we take on each being mindful that every solution must be different and tailored to your specific needs.  

At Joules Energy Limited, we therefore provide a one-stop shop for the following services:

- Design & Engineering
Instrumentation, Automation & Control 

- Construction
- Marine Services 

- Pipeline Integrity Services
- Strategic Procurement & Warehousing 

- General Consultancy Services 

- Asset Lifecycle Management
- Heavy Equipment Lifting and Haulage

Business Ethics

We create enabling environment for our employees, remain transparent in all our dealings, ensure integrity and fairness in our business, comply with all applicable laws and take on all our social responsibilities.

…Business transparency, integrity and fairness at work…

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Our core values of Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence underscore our culture as an organization helping us deliver on our promises to our employees and carry on our business in the most moral manner in accordance with international laws and guidelines for business ethics. We celebrate success through honesty, delivery within established controls; abhor shortcuts, bribery & corruption; and hold individuals at all levels of the business accountable for their actions at all times.

We respect contracting principles and have a commitment to fairness in competition. Our business ethics framework recognizes and respects the individual, the workplace, the business, our immediate and wider community environments believing that none of these can succeed without the others.

We subscribe to known international laws and guidelines for business ethics in corporate organizations such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the FCPA), Canadian Chemical Producers' Association (CCPA) Responsible Care Codes of Practice, Nigerian Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act, UK DFID Ethical Trading Initiative and UN Declaration Against Corruption and Bribery in International Commercial Transactions, among others.

Joules Energy Limited

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